Monday, May 4, 2009

You're a Sick Pervert Mate.

Shaun Micallef is easily one of the top 10 humans of all time. This is from when I was 8 years old and its still hilarious.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Given The Choice: Megan Fox

A female acquaintance of mine recently came to the conclusion that I was only attracted to skinny brunettes. I'm not sure how true that is but do know that I like this particular skinny brunette.

Megan Fox to me is that one famous chick that even if she dropped out of showbiz and got fat and I became a super-rich mogul with a wife and we crossed paths in the street I'd do it. I'd do it just so I could look back on me now and say I did it.


I Hate Hospitals

This week a member of my (very) immediate family is in hospital for serious surgery. I’ve been to the hospital I think 7 or 8 times this week and each time I can’t escape or avoid how much I can’t stand being there. The coldness, the sterility, the juxtaposition between the joy of new life and the pain of the end of life all taking place under the same roof. It doesn’t matter how many times I go, the uneasiness never ends. The place makes me sick.

As I went to visit my family member, I was in the same room as I was in one of the last times I ever saw my grandmother alive. A couple of floors away was the room where I was born. My mind was racing. The person I was there to visit was asleep and I was alone with constant beeping and buzzing machines, squiggly lines and my own thoughts.

I couldn’t comprehend the mentality of the doctors and nurses. These people live every day in circumstances that ordinary people dread. Every day of their working life is spent in crucial, life-threatening situations and it left me to wonder; do they care? I mean I know they do care, but how can they REALLY care when they see this every day? I don’t care about everything that happens at work, I don’t care about everything I do even when I’m doing the things I love, and these people are working 16 hour shifts. I know I thought this because I projected my own cynicism onto these people and assumed they had the same shortcomings as I do. But they aren’t cynical, they of all people can’t be, and the most amazing thing about it to me is that they ARE ordinary people.

Sometimes it takes for you to be put into a situation you would rather not be in to realise something that you should have known all along. I might have a bad day at work but they see people they have got to know die at work. I might have a headache but someone who’s raised me is having potentially life threatening surgery, and the recovery is WORSE. My problems are nothing. I have no right to complain. I feel ridiculous and selfish for ever doing so.

But through all the uncertainty, realisations and waiting you come out of it with a better understanding. You understand that despite everything you do in your life and every precaution you take, your life is ultimately in the hands of people or circumstances beyond you. All you can do is give it your best, make the most of your opportunities and never drift away from the ones you are close to. It took a scare to remind me.

My dad is recovering well.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Video: Prime & Purpose @ Carjack Tour.

Evening sports fans, as promised I have some footage from Saturday night's show thanks our friend Paul. We were the first act of the night so the crowd was still kinda filing in as we performed but I think we were pretty well received. Good to see some new faces in the building and I have to show love to Obese for putting us on the lineup and say peace to all the new faces we met that night.

The first track is a bastardised mash-up of a Purpose track (Turn It Up) and a me track (Make No Mistake), and then we get our freestyle on for a few minutes.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ghetto on Westwood.

I am very new to Grime but I was put on to this dude by a friend of mine from the UK. I think he's very dope at what he does. His teeth seem extremely yellow but according the youtube comments (always a good source of info... and racism) thats caused by the lighting in the studio. An education in both lyricism and dental hygiene.

Enjoy.. or hate, your opinion is welcomed.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prime & Purpose in Obese Carjack Tour

This Saturday night Purpose and I team up as a duo for the first time since our 2007 World Rap Championship Partnership. No, we are not battling at a very high level, we are checking in for the Adelaide leg of Obese Records' national Carjack Tour and setting the show off. If you feel like seeing us on the same stage as Pegz come down and say hello. I'll try and get some video to throw up early next week.

Heres the flyer with the full lineup.

Australia's Got... Nothin?

I should probably get the ball rolling on this one by saying that I had never watched a full episode of the Australia’s Got Talent until recently. Maybe I can put it down to being busy whatever night it was on. Maybe I heard from a friend or co-worker that Dannii Minogue was on TV again and ran. Maybe I saw the nauseating ads and decided I’d rather listen to Bill O’Reilly and Rebecca Wilson dissect a Too $hort album then watch a nanosecond of footage. Whatever the reason, I had never watched a single episode of Australia’s Got Talent, quite an achievement given I usually give shows an episode to impress me. Even the worst show ever, or “The Wedge” as pronounced by some, got a whole episode before I cried myself to sleep.

Why then, would I spend time writing a blog about it? Fair question, even if it was pre-emptively asked by me and not you, and it comes with a fair answer. I write this blog because I think Australia’s Got Talent lets us down. Here’s Why…

First of all, Britain seems to, um, got, more talent than us. It also seems to got cooler stories about said talent than us. The British version of the same show produced Paul Potts, the technically alive but dead inside penguin man who sang his way into our hearts in 2007 by singing Nessun Dorma on the show. When this happened the images of the hot, slightly older female judge crying real tears at the mere sight of Pottsy’s performance echoed around the world as people flocked to YouTube to see a truly inspirational ‘rags to riches’ tale unfold in front of their very eyes. Potts went on to sell over 2 million debut albums worldwide and is now referred to as “International Opera Singer Paul Potts”. In Australia’s Got Talent the same year, 2nd place was given to some bloke who is only listed as a “Gum leaf musician”. No world class opera singer, no 2 million records.

Last week some old Scottish lass pretty much jacked Paul Potts’ swagger by doing the exact same shit 2 years later. The same response happened all over again, including crying hot 39 year old judge and worldwide pandemonium. She, Susan Doyle her name is, has been on Oprah and every news service except Fox News (presumably due to the aforementioned album review). Also this week, In the Australian version of “Got” (since we love shortening TV show names to the point that saying a complete word seems over the top), a kid who does tricks of a Yo-Ho Diablo made it to the grand final of Australia’s Got Talent.

Britain got world class opera singers and life-turning moments of inspiration. Australia got gum leaves and fucking yo-yo tricks. Embarrassing.

The other thing I don’t like about our version of Got is the name itself. No it’s not the fact that it’s bordering on being grammatically correct. My iPod is full of people like Eazy E, Yungun and Tech N9ne so to me that’s not a problem. I just think the name is inaccurate. Not to say we don’t have talent, more to say it is not found within this show.

Even the judges don’t got talent. Dannii Minogue is not talented. The only way you could possibly say she had talent was if she was in a pub and someone said “There’s a bit of talent in here.”, but even then, probably not. My friend said to me “Danni Minogue is the least talented person in show business”, to which I replied “what about Kim Kardashian?”. He said he thought Kim had more talent because you could watch her sex tape without being physically ill. Red Symonds is just Simon Cowell without the ideas and the millions. Tom Burlinson you could make a case for but at the end of the day he’s best known for imitating someone else. There is really not talent on this show at all, and that’s why the name is wrong. It would be like having a show called “This Room Is Full of Fish tanks”, only to discover it was a cop drama.

That about covers it. I don’t like Australia’s Got Talent. I’m pretty much over reality TV in general to perfectly honest, although Masterchef looks like it could be fun, even if isn’t the Masta Ace/Raekwon collaboration album it hints at.

Peace to all (including Dannii Minogue).

Styles P feat. Pharoahe Monch - My Life

It's 7 years old now but I've been playing this repeatedly lately thanks to a reminder from a friend of mine. One of the catchiest hooks in hip hop history I reckon. It comes from Styles P's album "A Gangster and a Gentleman". Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome To The Future Of Right Now.

I’ve been thinking about starting up a blog for a while. A handful of you, or more realistically the ones I tell directly about this, will remember some of my blog entries on MySpace ( ). Life-altering as they were, they were also very infrequent (one in the entire 2008 calendar year and not many more in 2007), and so I have decided to focus, at least some of my attention on a much more regular journal.

Those old MySpace joints were usually about 2000 words long, rarely ever about anything in particular and often included speculation about when Saigon’s debut album might be released. The Saigon album still doesn’t exist but those other things I said a sentence ago are going to.. also not exist. What you will find here on PrimeIsHere are more regular, to the point, quick and consumable updates. There will still be the occasional hour long rant about how Stephanie Rice would be attractive as a check-out chick but not so much compared to other famous chicks, but these will be very much in the minority.

For those of you who never read any of those blogs, disregard everything I’ve said to this point (except the bit of about Steph Rice obviously because it’s a valid point) and welcome to the future of right now. I’m not trying to take over the world; I’m just trying to take over your house. If I can have even a small group of people read this regularly I’ll be thrilled, If not then I’m one step closer to being justified for a murderous rampage. Don’t worry though; as long as Zeke from Neighbours never releases an album everyone is safe. Ish.

Oh by the way I’m currently working on 2 solo releases and one with the very fashionable Pagen Elypsis Rap Unit. You will hear and read a lot more about this in the following days, weeks, months and generations.

That’s it for the intro, sure it wasn’t much but at least you didn’t have to listen to DMX talk about Jesus again. Blogging begins for real in no time flat.

Roll With Me in 2009.